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Businesses today rely on data more than anything else. From simple report generation to complex business decisions, data science and process automation have already helped millions of business owners thrive in the digital space.

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    Why DataLime?

    Our goal at DataLime is to make the future of data secure and predictable. Over the years of industrial experience, we served a variety of international clients.

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    Products & Services

    We offer a wide range of digital services to help you make your business Center-of-Excellence & scale your business while radically driving down cost.

    Robotic Process Automation

    Automate manual & repetitive tasks to save time & enhance productivity.

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    Data Science

    Dive deep into future using predictive analytics and make reliable decisions to enhance customer experience.

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    Web & Software Development

    Get all of your soft needs done, be it online or offline.

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    BPM Hosting

    Get your enterprise processes hosted on our servers with 99.9% up-time with a backup instance.

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    Technical Support

    Give us a phone call or email us for technical support.

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